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Wheelchair Parts, just like car parts or computer parts, are necessary ingredients that make up your entire wheelchair. Without functioning, high quality wheelchair parts, your chair will deteriorate and become inoperable.

Some wheelchair parts are designed to be replaced occasionally, like batteries, tires and cushions. As these items wear out, they must be replaced to keep your chair in good operating condition. Some people even choose to “modify” their wheelchairs by introducing new and improved parts in order to enhance the comfort, looks and performance of their wheelchairs. Other items, which are not supposed to break and wear out sometimes do. Often it is more convenient and economical to simply replace defective wheelchair parts rather than replacing the entire wheelchair.

Some wheelchairs even require special parts. Sports wheelchairs, for example are highly customizable to fit the individual operator and his sport. Special tires, handgrips and stability devices are often used to make sure the chair is in peak sports condition, just like the athlete.

Whatever your need for wheelchair parts, please take a look at some of the providers below who will be able to match you up with just the type of parts and accessories you’re looking for!

Wheel Chair Parts Providers

  • Wheelchair Parts – Need to replace an arm or a wheel of your wheelchair or mobilty scooter? Browse EveryDay Medical – Plenty of wheelchair parts and Accessories.
  • Wheelchair Accessories and Parts from CWI - Check out the Accessories section for all sorts of great wheelchair parts: Batteries, cushions,
    trays, storage compartments and more!

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