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When it comes to choosing the right power wheel chair, there can be a lot of factors to consider.

Pricing – What is the cost of the models of power wheel chair you are considering?  Do you have a health insurance provider or medicare assistance that can help you get qualified for a low- or no-cost wheelchair or motor scooter?  If not, it may be especially important to compare the price of the wheel chairs you are considering.

Battery Life – Power wheelchairs run on batteries that are plugged in at home every night.  Having a good battery in your power chair is imperative if you’re going to be able to use it to travel long distances or be away from home all day.  Bear in mind that the larger and heavier your chair, and the more electric features it has, the bigger the battery it will need to stay powered.  That means you’ll have to get a more expensive chair in many cases.
Features Of The Power Chair – Some power wheel chairs are more like scooters, they are easy to get on and off and have arm rests and carrying baskets to make it easy to do things like go shopping.  Other electric power chairs are more like serious wheelchairs.  These could be used by amputees or paraplegics/quadriplegics who spend most of their day sitting in the wheelchair when they are out and about.  One of the most important wquestions about the chair is whether it is comfortable and distributes your weight well so you will not develop numbness or bedsores as a result of being positioned in the chair for long periods of time.  The other big factor to look at here is the controls.  How is the wheel chair operated – by a joystick, by handlebars?  Make sure the controls are intuitive and easy for you to reach so that you will be able to drive your power chair safely.

Transporting Your Power Chair – Finally, you’ll want to look at how to get your power wheel chair from point A to point B if you’re not riding in it.  Many people end up buying a wheelchair van, but this is not always practical.  Some power chairs and scooters can go on a hitch on the back of a motor vehicle.  Many forms of public transportation, like buses, are also equipped to transport wheelchairs and mobility scooters.
Clearly there’s a lot of research that will go into selecting your mobility scooter.  Best of luck in choosing the one that is just right for you!

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