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With improvements in wheelchair technology, we often forget how many advantages there are to owning a manual wheelchair. manual wheelchairs offer some great positive aspects that you just do not get with other types of chairs. For example , with a manual wheelchair, you are going to have a lightweight wheelchair that has unlimited range. Electric wheelchairs are often weigh a ton, and are more for use in the home, sometimes limiting the range of areas available. These barriers do not exist with a manual wheelchair.

Two other big advantages to manual wheelchairs include how much easier they are to move in small spaces, and how much easier they are to transport to different locations. All the extra weight and limited mobility of electric wheelchairs make them very hard to move from location to location, and unless the isles and walkway spaces are relatively wide, you do have a much more difficult time maneuvering. Lightweight chairs are easy to transport in your car to a new place, and should be very easy to maneuver in just about any location.

Expense is a very big factor when buying wheelchairs, and manual wheelchairs are often much less expensive than power ones. For individuals on a tight budget, or on a limited income, making a choice on a manual chair often comes down to just the dollar amount of the chair, and not necessarily all the benefits of one product vs. the other type of product.

There are many different types of manual wheelchairs to sift from as well. For example, you have transport, standard, lightweight, sport, and ultra lightweight manual wheelchairs. Sport wheelchairs in particular have some great qualities to them. They are engineered for people who play in sports and activities, and are custom built to meet the needs of a wheelchair in whatever sport or game that is being played. They have great maneuverability and are lightweight, while making it fun to do sports and physical activities, something that electronic wheelchairs cannot accomplish.

All of the other types of manual wheelchairs has their own positive aspects and disadvantages. They vary in weight and recommended usages. It is surprising how often manual chairs rank highly in those categories.

Choosing the right manual wheelchair will come down to factors such as price, the areas the chair most often used in, the weight, what you need the chair to do, maneuverability, and transportability to name a few factors.

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