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While using power wheelchairs may be no one’s preferred method of transportation, how lucky we are that live in a day and age where medicine an technology afford us so many convenient transportation options for days when our legs aren’t at their best.

Many hospitals and temporary wheelchair users user inexpensive, collapsible lightweight wheelchairs that are pushed by another person, or powered through the manual turning of the rear wheels. However, many people who are looking for a wheelchair for every day use power wheelchairs. Power wheelchairs are battery powered and are charged up at home each evening to keep the battery full. This type of wheel chair is great for people who do not have a lot of upper body strength, and who still want to be mobile and independent.

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Power Wheelchairs And Other Mobility Aids

If you get around in a power wheelchair, you might consider wheelchair lifts for a van. What are they? A lift for a wheel chair is a device that will electronically or manually lift your wheelchair in or out of a van, and then fold up the device neatly. This would make it much easier to get in and out of a van. They can be controlled easily, and provide many functions for the user.

Wheel chair lifts come in many different designs, and you should be able to find one to fit your specific needs. For example, lifts for wheelchairs can be lightweight, or heavy and durable in case you need to lift a wheelchair with a lot of weight. (Up to 600 pounds!) They should fit in just about any wheelchair-accessible van.

One of the great features of a van lift for an electronic or manual wheelchair is that some of them can be remotely operated. For example, if you need to get into the van, but your wife has the remote, she can simply press a button on the remote, and then go about doing her tasks while the lift is pulling your wheelchair up into the van. These models will also allow you to operate the wheel chair lift manually in case the power goes out, or you experience some other type of emergency.

What happens when your van is still good, but the lift for your wheelchair is ready to be replaced? No problem. A professional should be able to install a new wheel chaired lift for your van for minimum labor costs. Simply purchase the new one, and he or she will take out the old one and replace it with the new one. This will save a lot of money, because you won’t have to purchase a new van.

Home Stair Lifts For Users Of Power Wheelchairs

One of the challenge of having reduced mobility is getting up and down the stairs at your home. A stair lift may be a great alternative to climbing the stairs yourself or buying a new home. Whether or not you are currently using a power wheelchair, you may still benefit from getting a stair lift installed in your house.Power WheelChairs Providers

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